indoor pollution

indoor pollution

Indoor pollution is defined to:
“The presence in to air indoors the physical, chemical and biological contaminants
not normally present in outdoor air of high quality system”

The factors of pollution are confined space:
The outdoor environment with its pollutant concentrations construction materials, forniture
furnishings, the fumes generated by cooking, from detergents, soaps, perfumes.
Pets, dust and other, the combination af all these factors the result is obvious and not healthy.
Do the rest, poor ventilation and inadequate or unable airchange.

The individual spends almost all of 24 hours of building (80-90%)
Breathing approximately 22.000 times.

Is important to consider indoor air quality principle for health.

The composition of the atmosphere inside buildings is basically similar to the outside.
They differ between themselves the amount and types of contaminants.
The pollutants outside, it is considered a number of pollutants whose sources are present inside buildings.
The main sources of indoor contaminants are:

  • construction materials
  • heating
  • air conditioning and cooking etc.
  • furnishings
  • coatings (coatings, paints, flooring, etc.)
  • products for maintenance and cleaning (detergents, insecticides etc.)
  • the use of spaces and the type of activity whict it takes place.

As indicated, it is considered important, the toxicity of neachpollutant that is often “amplified” chemical/physical association
with other substances or contaminants.
The most common substances detected, are: dust, cigarette smoke and fumes generated by cooking.
The health risk is given by the concentration (quantity by m3) and the residence time in the environment.
The effects of air pollution on human health are manifold, as one study identified that, contaminants, chemical reaction conditions,
mental/physical stress, climate change and discomfort are responsible for the health disturbance.
It is important to consider, that every individual reacts independently under the same conditions.
It is unlikely to assess the single risk to expure, as the danger of contaminants is given from the time of exposure, chemical
composition and mixing them together.

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